Serving Shenandoah Valley Families with Regenerative Provisions

Are you looking for local and verified regenerative meats in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia?

Commons Provisions delivers provisions throughout the Shenandoah Valley, when you place orders through the Commons Marketplace. We are working always to expand our regional communities to better serve our wonderful customers with better and more consistent inventories of grass-fed and finished beef, pastured chicken, and chemical-free pork.

Commons will soon be offering doorstep delivery throughout the valley weekly.

Local and Verified Regenerative Farms

Commons Shenandoah Valley Farms

Verdant Acres Farm

Verdant Acres is a family and regenerative farm that nurtures nutrient-dense provisions for the pasture and the plate. John and Mary raise grass-fed and finished lamb and goat, chemical-free and pastured chickens, grass-fed and finished beef, and happy pigs on pasture.

Click Here to learn more about John and Mary of Verdant Acres!

Rockbridge Cider Vinegar

Rockbridge Cider Vinegar is a local and regenerative apple cider vinegar company in Rockbridge County, Virginia run by Joseph Martinez.  Our chemical-free apple orchard produces rich vinegars that are handcrafted in our on-farm and sustainable Vinegar Brewery.  All our vinegars are unfiltered and unpasteurized to preserve the healthful, “Mother of Vinegar” in every bottle.

Click Here to learn more about Joseph of Rockbridge Cider Vinegar!